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The highly anticipated new music release from Bassist/Composer/Music Producer Russel Blake, Juicy Pt: II, is finally here! This funk-filled track is sure to get your feet moving and your head bobbing with its powerful, rhythmic grooves. One of the highlights of the song is the beautiful bridge, featuring lush instrumentation and ethereal harmonies. All in all, Juicy Pt: II is sure to be a hit with fans of funk and modern jazz.

This song's signature sound is created artistically from a deep bass and a unique blend of horns and rhythm. The result is a powerful and heartfelt experience that is sure to enchant listeners.

Blake's production style allows the listener to feel the emotion of the song as it builds. He masterfully creates a soundscape that allows the music to reach its full potential.

The song is a testament to Blake's musical prowess as a bassist, composer, producer, and author. It is a must-hear for any jazz enthusiast looking for a new experience.

Introducing Morning Sunrise, the new single from artist Russel Blake! 

This uplifting track is now available on all platforms, so you can listen to it wherever you are. Featuring an upbeat tempo and positive lyrics, this song will have you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Morning Sunrise is sure to be a classic and is a must-listen for any music fan. Download it now and start your mornings off with a smile.

Latin Music & Gospel Jazz. I recently produced two phenomenal vocal stylists. New York City based vocalist Noemi Guevares uniquely interpreted a beautiful bolero composed by my Dad Alex Blake I.  My song Brighter Day was beautifully interpreted and creatively performed by Los Angeles based vocalist Vanessa Smith.


Music lovers, rejoice! Russel Blake has released two new Contemporary Jazz songs that you won't want to miss. Titled "Fierce Solitude" and "Round & Round We Go," these two new tracks are sure to get your toes tapping. Both songs embody the spirit of contemporary jazz music, fusing elements of classic jazz and modern production techniques to create a unique and captivating sound. So sit back, relax, and let the music take you away. Stream "Fierce Solitude" and "Round & Round We Go" by Russel Blake today


Country music has been a mainstay in American culture for decades. Russel Blake has a unique ability to create and produce all forms of music, and country music is one of his favorite genres. You can expect to find his songs with a modern twist on classic country sound. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in Russel’s country selections. Come explore his country music section and find the song that speaks to you


My song, "PolyRhythmicMorphicFunk Tip", is an exciting blend of rhythm and groove that is sure to challenge and inspire any bassist, composer, music producer. This genre of music combines elements of funk, jazz, and hip hop, creating a unique sound that transcends traditional genres.


With its complex polyrhythmic patterns and morphing tonal qualities, "PolyRhythmicMorphicFunk Tip" provides an opportunity to explore a wide range of musical ideas and techniques. By combining the different forces of music, this genre allows musicians to create truly unique and memorable compositions.


As a bassist, composer, music producer, and author, I believe it is my responsibility to support Black Women Empowerment.


I am dedicated to helping promote awareness and provide support to all abused women, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or background.


I will continue to use my music, writing, and platform to speak out for those who are not able to speak for themselves and strive to make a positive impact in the lives of every woman in my community.

Black Woman Rising
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For bassists and bass enthusiasts who have supported my solo work. Ten Fingers & Four Strings Solo Series Vol. II is now available for purchase on Tidal, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon mp3, etc.,


Volume II is a versatile mix of Classical, Traditional Jazz, Spanish Classical, Pop and a Medley honoring Noel Coward, John Coltrane & Charlie Parker.


            Apple Music Link For Download

06 Medley_ I'll See You Again_Moments NoRussel Blake
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"Universal Love..." is My latest single.


Contemporary Jazz ballad with an ending of hard funk makes this track something very enjoyable. 

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01 Russel Blake - Universal LoveRussel BLake
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The "MEDITATIONS CD Project..."  is a Three Volume vision of original Music for peaceful reflection.


11 Tracks per CD, 33 in all to reflect the earth life of Jesus Christ. 

I'm currently in the studio composing/ producing Volume III.




I'm very happy to announce the release of MEDITATIONS Vol. II The second volume of this three CD set just like the first one is filled with music to soothe the soul. "20 Angels & 6 Golden Souls..." was composed/produced to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

            Apple Music Link For Download

20 Angels & 6 Golden Souls ~ Matthew 18_
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MEDITATIONS Vol. I began the first step in the journey of my vision to use original music for peaceful reflection. "Believe In God..." is the first track and sets the tone for the remaining pieces to follow. 

             Amazon Link For Download

01 Believe in God
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"QUIET STRENGTH..." is my latest contemporary Jazz project of original music. The single "Tropical (Funky) Island is a sample of the project. 

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01 Tropical (Funky) Island
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