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Speaking the truth involves more listening than speaking. Seeking the truth involves more doing than speaking. Living the truth involves more healing than speaking.


Praise GOD: Every honorable endeavor is won or lost on the field of prayer; Prayers move the hands that move the universe and our knowledge and practice of this ability enables us to live in harmony.


Proficiency of prayer will make a fool wise and the lack of it will turn a wise man into a fool; Prayer is the jewel of contentment belonging to the wisest of souls; the rich man is made wise because he has it and the poor man is made rich because he can’t live without it;


If you lose money, you lose much; when you lose friends you lose much more; but when you lose the wisdom to always pray, you’ve lost it all; therefore let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;


Make the secret of your success be the constancy of Ur anointed purpose on this Earth through love, faith, patience and prayer. Keep Looking Up. IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name

Psalm 119 15.jpg

Freedom is the enlightened price of a once darkened soul…




Walk patiently. Love wisely. Never allow someone else to control you through anger. 

Always aspire towards the greater vision and larger plan GOD has for Ur life. 

Qualify Ur destiny by wise thinking, reasonable methods and sound decisions for Ur future. 

Strive to be emotionally centered, spiritually peaceful and avoid foolish persons. 

Learn to laugh more, love more and cry less. 

Be ever thankful to be who YOU are, because no one on Earth can do it better - RB


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