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30 years ago a New York City cardiologist told me I had a year to live; GOD said to me: ~ "Proper rest, proper nutrition, proper exercise and I will give you life..."
Fifteen years as a fitness professional with currently six certifications in the industry. Fitness is a philosophical way of life for me that I've used as motivational tool to inspire people towards reaching for longevity.  I practice Strength Training, Cardio, Yoga, Kickboxing & Meditation.

As a Fitness professional, I have always worked in concert with the medical doctors of my clients. In my experience I have trained people ranging from Cancer recovery to Stroke patients in rehabilitation.  In my personal experience I came to the realization of the Spirit-Mind-Body connection as a key component of success for restoration and growth. 

My responsibility is to motivate, inspire, push and encourage you to reach your highest peak. A fitness Sherpa guiding you to your best self of conquering every self-imposed obstacle in your path. 

Russel is an outstanding trainer! He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has a passion for his craft! I would highly recommend him as a trainer!!! 
marice p. on August 9, 2023


Mr. Blake has provided me with personal trainer instruction for the past six months in my home. With my busy schedule I am only able to have this instruction once a week. What is impressive to me about the service is that he is very professional, courteous, and disciplined. He always arrives on time and is ready to work. The quality of the training is outstanding because I have been able to see the results. And with his thorough instruction, I am able to retain my training methods because they are explained and demonstrated in a concise and understanding way. The only thing that would improve my experience is if I had to time for more sessions during the week. Nothing has gone wrong. And I can't think of a thing that Mr. Blake could do better. He is outstanding as a trainer. 
Laurene W. on June 25, 2023 

Russel has been very professional from the start. He is extremely courteous and punctual for our workouts. He is goal oriented and tailors the workouts to suit my husband and myself since we workout together. 
Melissa S. on August 19, 2023


Russel is the absolute best personal trainer anyone could ask for. He is focused on the best outcome for the individual. He is concerned about the body as well as the nutrition for the body. Russel is very aproachable as well as demanding and rigorous and he knows his stuff. He makes the sessions challenging yet very doable. He helps you to push yourself to the next level in order to achieve the desired results. He seeks to make the world a better place one person at a time through helping them with fitness and nutrition. If you want the best possible results, Russel is the person for you. I recommend Russel to anyone looking for a quality personal trainer. B. Faye Gilder 
Betty G. on May 24, 2023

PT Certification
ACE Senior Fitness Specialist
course completion-7
course completion-6
course completion-2

Available for consultation and/or bookings for the DC/Maryland/Virginia region.

Also Available For Individual Online Training Sessions via ZOOM


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