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As a Bassist/Composer/Music Producer/Author, I'm excited to announce my upcoming Jazz Music Project. I will be leading the melodies with my four string electric bass, and I will be joined by some special guest artists. Together we will be creating a unique and innovative sound, exploring the boundaries of jazz improvisation. My original song will be the centerpiece of this project, and I'm confident that our audience will be captivated by the high level of musicianship and creativity on display.

The Ten Fingers & Four String Solo Bass Series Volume II project is an ongoing exploration of musical expression for me. Through this project, I am documenting my multi-genre repertoire using the Melodius-Chordal Technique on the Four String Electric Bass. My goal is to create unique and innovative sounds with the instrument, combining improvisation with composition. I am constantly striving to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with the instrument and to express my musical vision. This project is an exciting journey, and I invite you to join me on this musical adventure.

This cover of the E.W.& F classic was done in tribute to Maurice White. His musical and spiritual influence upon me was very impactful. This rendition is to honor the visionary he exemplified throughout his life's journey.  

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